Get Involved

Top 10 Things to do at the BSM

The List.

1. Start a Small Group in your dorm, apartment or coffee shop.
2. Join Us on a mission trip. .
3. Be a summer missionary. .
4. Volunteer with us on some local mission projects. .
5. Be a leader with us. .
6. Help with different ministries at the BSM like Internationals, athletic, dorm, etc..
7. Connect with local churches as they reach out to local churches. .
8. Help with set up and tear down at events. .
9. Use your creative talents like music, art, and drama etc at the BSM. .
10. Get connected with other special events like game and movie nights, art nite, poetry nite, and more!


Do you want to learn more the Gospel and how to share it with others?

Mondays at 11

Join us at 11 on Zoom and we will do evangelism training. After training we can go out and talk to people!!!

FREE Lunch

You KNOW you are gonna be Hungry...

Wednesdays Between 12-1

We are providing "To Go Lunches Only" . You have to wear a mask and sign in, but we have FREE Lunch for you! Churches help provide the lunch. The BSM is located next to the Parking Garage and Oakland Cafe.

Whatever Small Groups

It is a small group where you can learn more about the Bible and meet new friends.They will meet at different times and places to fit your schedule.

Whatever will be ...

Recorded as well as worship music and posted on our YouTube account and this website along with the questions for the small groups to discuss. Click on the button to sign up for a small group.
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